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Shandong Joywin Foods Corp,.Ltd was established in February 2007 and listed on the New Third Board on February 16, 2016 (stock code 835850).

Presently our company is running a KAIXIN FARM with belief of Scientific Planting and Green Growing. We have built modern workshops with total 30,000 square meters performing functions of retaining freshness, cans production, quick freezing and drying with annual output over 30,000 MT. A 10,000-MT level ordinary and cold storage warehouse has been established. We also own several modern production and packing lines, furthermore a first-class laboratory has been erected. We have formed a full set of industry chain from the starting planting to classing, storing, processing, packing, delivering to the end of selling and become a leading producer and supplier of green and safe vegetable and fruit food. 

With strictly quality controlling and tracing system, Joywin has passed HACCP,ISO22000 and BSCI audits. Related certificates like IFS, BRC and FDA are all obtained.  

A complete sales system with mature and professional sales team and high efficient sales network has been established. We have established long and friendly relationships with a large quantity of famous international food dealers, agencies and distributors such as Walmart, Kroger, US food, Dole, Delmont of America, Metro, I.Schroeder, Edeka of German, Carrefour of France, Hame of East Europe. Our products sell well in European, Asian and African markets.

To supply healthy and safe food, Joywin has always been taking strict control over every step to remain nutrition and freshness to the utmost through scientific cultivating, well-selecting material, founding strict quality control and tracing system and managing production with advanced technology.