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Foodex Japan Fair

Foodex Japan Fair

Corporate News
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FOODEX JAPAN, held in 1976 for the first time and held every year, is the world's third large-scale
FOODEX JAPAN, held in 1976 for the first time and held every year, is the world's third large-scale food and beverage special exhibition enjoying equal popularity with Cologne and Paris International Food Exhibitions. In 2016, the exhibition area reached 29,891 square meters, about 2977 exhibitors from 79 countries and 77361 visitors participated. Most of them are individuals, groups or governmental staff from catering industry, manufacturers, leisure industry, shop design and construction, purchasers and retail industry engaged in agriculture, animal husbandry and aquaculture production. 
Japanese food market scale is about 700 billion US dollars.   2017 FOODEX will bring more commercial opportunities to Chinese businesses. Japan is highly dependent on import, the current agricultural self-sufficiency rate is about 40%, annual food imports could be about $70 billion. And the earthquake and tsunami severely destroyed a large area of land which will be causing long-term and immeasurable damage to agricultural production. At present, some counties rich in rice, aquatic products and fruits like Fukushima, Miyagi and Iwate are undergoing great losses. Miyazaki, Fukushima and Tochigi, the most important vegetable bases of the capital circle will be unable to recover within the following three years. Considering the long-term effects of nuclear radiation in Japan, the northeast region, main distribution area of Japanese poultry breeding and processing industries, will take more than 3 years to resume production. This definitely has brought great opportunity to Chinese chicken products export. According to the statistics: after the earthquake, orders for water, seafood, canned food, frozen, boiled and salted vegetables have increased doubly. Meantime Chinese mineral water has appeared on Japanese market. 
During the 4 days of exhibition, Joywin Booth has attracted countless visitors, the staff kept on communication with the visitors with great enthusiasm and patience. After the characteristics and advantages of the exhibits fully showed by our staff’s wonderful speech and presentations, strong cooperation intentions were showed by professional visitors with deep understanding about the products and manufacturer.